Dummies Guide

Reading the Financial Pages for Dummies, published by John Wiley in January 2009, is a beginner's guide to the financial markets which should also have plenty to interest even the most experienced investor. It explains, in easy-to-understand layman's language, how the City decides which investments are going to soar and which ones are going nowhere. Then it shows you how to use that knowledge to make your own successful investment decisions.

Stock Markets, and how they work

Bonds - How to trade them, and why they're important

Banks - How to cut through the confusion and find the best deals

Funds - How to choose the best trusts and funds for your investment portfolio, or for your retirement

Commodities - Gold, oil, food crops and minerals. And what they can do for you

Exchange Traded Funds, and why they're making investing easy

Futures, Options, Warrants, and a host of more advanced stuff

Web Sites, Discussion Forums and Blogs - which ones can you trust?

Charts, and how they can help you to read the market's mind

The book is fully illustrated in traditional Dummies style, and it contains a full glossary of over 100 essential investing terms

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