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With more than 20 years' experience in financial and business publishing for national and international titles, Michael Wilson has established himself as one of the better-known journalists in his sector. The author of the controversial Financial Times Management Report "Germany at the Crossroads", he has acquired a reputation for identifying early-stage trends before they hit the headlines.

Most of my writing is still intended principally for the individual private investor, through magazines such as What Investment. But I also write for investment professionals at all levels: clients have included Nasdaq Europe, Barclaycard, the Futures Association, Euromoney, Crestco, and the US-based Assocation for Investment Management and Research.

Reading the Financial Pages for Dummies (John Wiley), published spring 2009, is a beginner's guide to the stock market and financial scene, which takes its readers on a fun and flexible journey through the workings of the City and shows them how to read and interpret what the market is doing - and then, most importantly, how to use this understanding to invest successfully. Written in the post-crash days of autumn 2008, the book is right up to date.

In 2005 I launched and edited the True Wealth investment newsletter for Fleet Street Publications, catering for investors interested in a long-term and macro-based view of the economic and political factors involved in investing. The True Wealth portfolio achieved a 57% gain in its first 26 months and grew four times as fast as the FTSE-100 during the 30 months to February 2008. Its notable record of outperformance has continued since then: by end-November 2009 it was still 58% ahead of the market.

Some 20 other books have included titles on emerging markets in Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, as well as specialist reports on the insurance industry, the European single financial market and the European consumer economy.

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